A downloadable game for Windows

You are Jack, a little boy and his toys want to play with you.

Long before Montti Constanttini?
Find out what Jack can reveal to you.

This product is a Short Game/Demo by Montti Constanttini, which will be released in late August 2020

Independent Developers

Published 10 days ago
AuthorWarVision GS
GenreSurvival, Action
Tags3D, Horror, ue4

Install instructions

It is only necessary to unpack.

The file is 820 MB after unzipping.


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MC_JacksHome_x64.rar 746 MB
MC_JacksHome_x32.rar 727 MB


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Atmosphere, creepy noises and tension were all god. Few jump scares, but good timing. Overall A good short horror experience. 

I really enjoyed my time playing this. The overall atmosphere had me moving cautiously through the house, and all the noises coming from various directions really heightened the creep factor. I loved that there were a few different camera perspectives throughout the game as well. Great job! 


I loved the concept of this game! The atmosphere, ambiance, and scares were fantastic! I did run into a bug at the end of the game I think, or I missed an event or something haha. Nonetheless, this was a fantastic game and i can't wait to see what else you come out with!!


Hey, many thanks!

I liked your gameplay, it was funny HAHAHA

About the bug, the end verification it's not so easy as we would like so we will improve this. Thanks for your feedback, it's very important to us!

Keep your great job on your channel! xD


I will never buy a clown with elongated limbs for my child. While that being said, this game is great! I liked the concept of hiding in plain sight. The door in the hallway was really dark and hard to see, I would add a light in there to help players find their way around. It took me a while to find the third toy. The bird's perspective was unique and I liked it. Finding the chair was weird, there were so many chairs I didn't know where to begin until the letter F appeared. Hope the feedback helps. Looking forward to more things from you!


Thanks a lot for you feedback, it helps us a lot! We will take it into account to make changes in our game.

Keep your great job on your channel!


My teddy bear :D :D 

I loved your teddy bear gameplay! HAHAHA

Thanks for your video! :D


Ending Caught Me Wayyyy Off Guard

From the start of the game I had no clue that this would take place in the 1940's, that jumpscare got me BAD. Hat almost flew off, headphones too lol.. I had fun walking around, jumping around, and appreciate the little details you put around the home. I was a bit confused at parts, I had no clue that we could pause to see the hints/what our objective is, I feel like it should pop up for a bit in the corner before you have to check on the pause screen. Also, the chair part would not pop up for me for a little while, even when I looked at each one in various angles. Other than those two things, I had fun and enjoyed the experience. I can't wait to see what's next from the game, and give it a strong 3.5/5!

Great gameplay, it is funny! HAHA

Thanks a lot for your feedback, it is very important to us! 

About your two points: 

- I saw you have problem on the last hint, that showed a empty text. I do not why because in another gameplay videos and tests it was working. Perhaps a inicialize problem had occured because the last hint is not empty and a tip is showed in the corner when you have a new hint in the menu pause. I would be very glad if could open the game again and test if it is showed for you in this second time.

- Find the correct chair is hard and we will improve this kind of mechanic.

Keep your great on your channel and thanks again for your feedback! :D


Oh... there was a clown... kill me

Amazing gameplay. I enjoyed a lot!

I hope to see you playing Montti Constanttini this Month! It will be very funny!

Thanks a lot!  



I liked the concept of the game a lot and it had some good jumpscares! 

Here is my video:

Very fun gameplay!!

Thanks! XD

I really liked your video and your channel. Great job!

We will release Montti Constanttini this month. We will hope to see you playing it! HAHAHA


Great game though would like to see a bit more direction. However gameplay and scares are all great. I hope to see more from you as a horror game creator don't ever stop and keep creating. If you want to see my reaction please check it here


I loved your gameplay!

Thanks for the support and for your words. I hope you enjoy the Montti Constanttini which will be released in this month!

Keep your great job on your Youtube Channel!

Many thanks!!



Oh wow so there is more coming to this game. I love it and can't wait to see what you peeps got. 

Thank you I try, all the subs and watches are to help out indie gaming community. All devs like yourselves work hard and have a great passion for games and you are the future of the gaming industry. I want you peeps to get more lime light hence why I do what I do. 

Keep at it and I can't wait to see more. 

Also if you are interested you can contact me and join my discord and you can post your indie game links on there too. I want to get a bunch of indie creators to join so they can share their passion. 

Keep it stylish my friend. 

Your goals with your channel is impressive. The indie community needs that!

Thanks for your feedback and compliments about our work and we are very interesting on your proposal. We will send a message to you!




when your parents leave you home alone lmao

Down the stairs alone during the night doesn't seem a good idea. Hahaha

I enjoy your gameplay and your comments!

Thank you! I will wait a new video about the next part!



Interesting look forward to the full game. My play through with HB sensor.

I love your video I hope you will list my game in your gameplay list.

I will definitely check it out.


Thank you!!!

Really amazing video! I hope you enjoy the next. I would like to see another fun vido like that!



great jobs ..wait for jack home 2 ..:P

Thank you!

Great gameplay video HAHAHA

Montti Constanttini is coming soon. I want to see your video playing it! XD


Very enjoyable. The atmosphere is very good.

(1 edit)

Hello, Bratch!

Thank you for your video gameplay, very funny! HAHAHA

P.S.: If you increase shadow quality in menu settings, it will be less density (white).

Ahh thank you. I enjoyed the game.

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Hello, I played this game and enjoyed playing it, it looked pretty good, just a couple of things I'd like to mention is that the toys when I held them they kept getting in front of the screen which was a bit annoying so if you could fix it to a side like in either Left or Right then it'd be great and also the game was a bit too dark in some places so a light source (Flashlight/Lantern) would make it better, over all neat game, good work :)

Hello, Stella.

Many thanks for your video and your awesome feedback. It's very important to us!



Gostei muito do game Alisson, parabéns pelo trabalho! Principalmente pq deu um medo real aqui kkkkk

Gostei muito dos ajustes de gráfico, pq deu pra rodar bem no meu PC que é até meio lento pra jogos :)

Ohh cara!! Vlws po! Apesar da otimização não ter ficado como queríamos, não está tão pesado.


Really nice for a demo thanks dev, looking to the full version of this one! here is my gameplay hope you enjoy:


Awesome gameplay and feedback. I appreciate it!

 Many thanks!

P.S.: Your pronunciation was good. HAHAHA


Oh thank god haha again thanks for this demo!


achei o jogo muito bonito, com um controles simples e funcionais, a única coisa que não gostei foi que a sensibilidade estava alta demais e sem poder arruma-la, mas tirando isso o jogo está ótimo (também gostaria de poder me ver nos reflexos e ver minhas pernas e pés) 

Vlws pelo feedback! Bom saber disso, então, a sensibilidade vamos fazer uma atualização e o jogo completo vai ter. 


É um jogo muito bom, parabéns por fazer esse jogo incrível  que estou acompanhando desde que foi anunciado 

(1 edit)

Aoooooohh garoto gato gostoso viado. Vlws cara!! :D 

Sempre será vip. ;)

(1 edit) (+3)

O jogo é ótimo a unica coisa que faltava era botar uma opção de mudar a sensibilidade.

Também tenho um ponto que seu irmão é noob , porque o muleke  morre facinho no x1 contra o pai aqui, então passa as call pra ele Alisson.

Vish, você me fala duas coisas, uma tem como arrumar a outra já não sei. A sensibilidade vou fazer uma atualização e no jogo completa vai ter tbm. Só uma OBS: Tiro um x1 com ele no cod? Lá as coisas podem ser diferentes. sjakdj

(5 edits) (+3)

Gostaria que tivesse uma aba nas configurações onde haveria  uma opção de arrumar a sensibilidade do jogador e aparecer pés quando o player olhar para baixo , também ter o reflexo da criança .Mas tirando isso é um ótimo jogo. 

Também tenho um pedido coloque a musica ´´Meu ursinho `` 

Quem sabe eu atualizo o jogo para ter uma opção dessas. :D E vlws!! vou pensar no caso do "Meu ursinho" jkajsds

(2 edits) (+3)

Eu gostei do jogo, e achei muito bonito, mas tem que ter uma opção de arrumar a sense.

Opa, vlws cara! O demo não tem mesmo, mas o jogo completa vai ter.